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    Seoul, Korea 2012

    7th Annual Meeting, October 7th - 10th

    • Welcome!

      Whole day tour and dinner for all meeting attendants

      9:00 Welcome & Membership Updates Jim Maraganore, Medical Director (USA)
      9:30 Polyglutamine repeats and PD Manu Sharma (Germany)
      10:15 Coffee & posters  
      11:00 RVCD sequencing & genotyping project Carles Vilarino-Guell (Canada)
      12:00 Lunch Katerina Markopoulou & Videomessage
      13:30 DataBlitz & Discussion all attending GEoPD members
      15:00 Coffee & posters  
      15:30 DataBlitz & Discussion  
      17:00 Adjourn  
      17:00 Closed Meeting, GEoPD Steering Committee
      • BJ Jeon
      • Matt Farrer
      • Jim Maraganore
      • Rejko Kruger
      • Jesse Theuns
      • John Ioannidis
      19:00 Closed Dinner, GEoPD Steering Committee All other meeting attendants free to discover Seoul, list of recommended restaurants to be provided

      AM - Parkinson's disease in Asia/Australia
      Moderator: B Jeon, Korea
      8:30 Introduction to the region/program B Jeon (Korea)
      8:40 What's shakin' down under: An update from the Queensland Parkinson's project George Mellick (Australia)
      9:20 The China Biomarker Initiative for Parkinson's Disease Piu Chan (China)
      10:00 Coffee & posters  
      10:30 LRRK2 study in Taiwan: Genetic analysis and functional assay Christy Lin (Taiwan)
      11:10 Familial PD in Japan Nobu Hattori (Japan)
      11:50 Gene therapy for parkinsonism; the promise and pitfalls Shin-ichi Muramatsu (Japan)
      12:30 Lunch  
      13:40 A novel regulatory role of PINK1 in mitochondrial complex IV: Mechanism and Therapeutics Jin Son (Korea)
      14:20 Mechanism of paracrine activation of microglia via neuronal alpha-synuclein Seung-Jae Lee (Korea)
      15:00 Coffee & posters Koji Yamanaka
      15:40 Highlights of PD Research in Singapore EK Tan (Singapore)
      16:20 Panel discussion - Unmet needs, outreach and collaborative efforts in Aia
      16:30 Mitochondrial pathology in PD - therapeutic approaches
      special seminar
      Rejko Kruger (Gemany)
      17:20 Adjourn  
      18:00 Dinner All meeting attendants

      Posters, Annual Members Meeting
      Moderator: Rejko Kruger, Germany
      8:00 Guided poster tour Jan Aasly (Norway)
      10:00 Annual administrative meeting of the members
      • Jim Maraganore (USA)
      • Matt Farrer (Canada)
      12:00 Lunch  
      PM - Korean Public Meeting (GEoPD members invited)
      GEoPD members invited
      Genetics of Parkinson's Disease: Past Lessons & Future Opportunities
      Moderator: BJ Jeon, Korea
      13:00 Next-generation sequencing; the new frontier Carles Vilarino-Guell (Canada)
      13:40 Cellular pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease: a unified genetic etiology? Matt Farrer (Canada)
      14:20 Cell-based therapeutics; lessons from fetal grafts to iPS Jeff Kordower (USA)
      15:00 Coffee break  
      15:30 Neuroimaging; leveraging endophenotypes to make discoveries Norbert Bruggemann (Germany)
      16:20 Back to the Future: from Greek Oracles to DNA Prediction Jim Maraganore (USA)
      17:00 Panel discussion  
      17:15 Adjourn  

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