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GEoPD is a global consortium of researchers dedicated to promoting education, scientific research and translational development in Parkinson’s disease. The consortium has been operating since 2004, and has an active membership from more than 60 sites on six continents. The GEoPD is organized into five cores.

These cores provide a mechanism whereby active global site investigators may share their expertise, resources and reagents. The consortium’s mission is to promote multi-investigator research projects throughout the year. Annual Meetings offer a valuable forum for consortium members to discuss unpublished data and ideas, highlight research questions or needs and identify global opportunities for partnership.

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Capetown 2019

14th Annual Meeting of GEoPD, 31 October - 2 November 2019

Hosted by GEoPD South African partners:
Soraya Bardien-Kruger (Capetown) and Jonathan Carr (Stellenbosch)

Capetown 2019



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Luxembourg 2016

The 11th Annual Meeting of GEoPD was hosted by Dr. Balling.

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Luxembourg 2016