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    Hybrid GEoPD Meeting in Omsk 2021

    16th International Meeting, October 7th -8th. Please register at the following website: Omsk Medical State University 

    As every year, we are also looking for young researchers or students to present their scientific work and increase their visibility during the data-blitz. So please disseminate this information also to your colleagues and students, their abstracts must be related to the Parkinson’s disease and their research not yet published or recently published. The abstracts can be submitted to info@geopd.net before 31st July.


    1. Omsk Expo-Center, Ul. 70 let Oktyabrya, 25 bld. 2, Omsk, Russia

      13:00 Introduction and welcome by the President and the hosts

      Rejko Krüger (University of Luxembourg), Roman Delov (Omsk University-Russia)
      13:10 GCH-1 mutation and PD Jeon Beomseok (Seoul National University-South Korea)
      13.25 Modifier genes on the risk to develop PD and LBD in GBA-mutation carriers Stefano Duga (Humanitas University-Italy),
      Alessio di Fonzo (Policlinico di Milano-Italy)
      13:35 COURAGE-PD

      Manu Sharma (University of Tübingen-Germany)

      Alexis Elbaz (Inserm-France)
      13:50 CNV calling on the GEoPD cases and controls

      Patrick May (University of Luxembourg)

      14:05 LRRK2 modifiers Thomas Courtin (Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière-France)
      14:20 Coffee break  
      14:35 Air pollution and Parkinson’ disease Sun Ju Chung (University of Ulsan College of Medicine-South Korea)
      14:50 Short presentations of new findings from GEoPD sites TBC - selected from abstracts
      15:35 Fundamental and applied aspects of Parkinson's disease in the Siberian population Roman Delov (Omsk University-Russia))
      15:50 U1 splice site mutations in sporadic and familial PD Ibrahim Boussaad (University of Luxembourg)
      16:05 GP2 Initiative or Monogenic TBC Christine Klein  (University of Lübeck-Germany)
      16:20 Coffee break    
      16:35 New project proposals & discussion All GEoPD members
      16:50 DBS and genetics Katerina Markopoulou (NorthShore University-USA)  
      17:05 TBC Prof. Sergey Illarioskin (Russia)   
      17:20 Closure Rejko Krüger (University of Luxembourg)  
          GEoPD members only
    2. Omsk Expo-Center, Ul. 70 let Oktyabrya, 25 bld. 2, Omsk, Russia. The second GEoPD day is part of a larger event: the Siberian Neuro-Congress

      13:00 Welcome and introduction Rejko Krüger (University of Luxembourg), Roman Delov (Omsk University-Russia)
      13:10 Clinical phenotypes and assistive devices as the solutions  Roongroj Bhidayasiri (Chulalongkorn University Hospital Bangkok-Thailand)
      13:40 Imaging tbc
      14:10 Pathology tbc

      Coffee break

      Immune Mechanisms

      Animal Models


      Immune Mechanisms Biomarkers, exact title tbc

      Kathrin Brockmann (University of Tübingen-Germany)

      Immune Mechanisms

      16:15 Coffee break  

      Microbiome, exact title TBC

      Filip Scheperjans (University of Helsinki-Finland)
      17:00 Features of the intestinal microbiota in patients with neurodegenerative diseases (based on the results of Russian studies) Vadim Akhmedov (Omsk University-Russia)
      17:30 Title tbc Sarkis K. Mazmanian (California Institute of Technology-USA)
      18:00  Closing remarks  

      Public meeting

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