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    Elixir Translational Medicine Data Storage Node (Luxembourg)

    The Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine at the University of Luxembourg (“UL/LCSB”) is the Luxembourg node for ELIXIR, an intergovernmental consortium that brings together life science resources from across Europe. These resources include databases, software tools, training materials, cloud storage and supercomputers. The Luxembourg ELIXIR Platform is financed by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and UL/LCSB and the Services are provided in principle free of charge.

    This ELIXIR-LU Hosting and Processing Agreement constitute the general terms of services (“General Terms of Services”) that govern the services provided by UL/LCSB (acting as the ELIXIR Luxembourg node) to the Data Provider. The General Terms of Services have been developed to enable UL/LCSB, acting as the ELIXIR Luxembourg node, to provide Data Providers a secure platform to share their research data in order to fulfil their sustainability obligations and provide access to existing research data for new research projects.

    Elixir.lu seeks to store data related to translational research, including data from ongoing fundamental research (H2020) or clinical trials. Elixir can store genetic data (from chip for example), clinical data (access for clinical minimal data set using REDCap). This will allow and facilitate access to our projects from members around the world. GEoPD steering committee serves as a data access committee for requests to access members’ data.

    GEoPD members are invited to store their research data on the Elixir Node.   If you would like further information please contact Venkata Satagopam. Further information can be found at https://elixir-luxembourg.org/

    A “General Terms of Service” data processing and hosting agreement for you as GEoPD member (or your institution) to draw up with Elixir at the LCSB can be found here

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