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    Information on RedCap:

    RedCAP is an Electronic Data Capturing (EDC) system for clinical data. Personal data is securely collected and only the clinical team has access to the data. The clinical team generates a primary pseudonym and binds it to the subject’s personal record. e clinical data is deposited into REDCap, the Electronic Data Capturing (EDC) system, along with the pseudonym and the barcodes of the samples which are also recorded in the REDCap system. Sample Annotations go into the Data Integration and Analysis Platform which is a part of the Data and Computing Platform hosted at the LCSB in a secure data center. Within the Data and Computing Platform at the LCSB in Luxembourg, the pseudonymized clinical data from REDCap is accessed by the Data Integration and Analysis Platform via an Application Programming Interface. As part of the direct clinical assessment, the kinetic gait data from the shoe sensors is deposited using the primary pseudonym generated by clinical team at the PRC.

    GEoPD members can use a clinical minimal dataset that was developed by the Clinical Core of GEopD. This is a low-threshold entry point for storage of data and characterisation of samples. The aim is to develop a repository of information, in a cost-free storage facility such as Elixir.lu translational medicine node.

    GEoPD members can either choose to register for a Luxembourg user account, or the team at LCSB can send a copy of the project’s data dictionary to you to run your own instance. Please contact Kirsten Roomp for more information.

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