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    Luxembourg 2016

    11th Annual Meeting, October 5th - 8th

    • Campus Belval, Luxembourg
      GEoPD members only

      12:00 PD Map Workshop
      17:00 Luxembourg City Tour
      19:00 Welcome Dinner
    • Campus Belval, Luxembourg
      GEoPD members only

      8:30 Welcome & Membership Updates Rejko Krüger, President of GEoPD
      9:00 "Rare varients, common disease sequencing and genotyping" Matt Farrer, Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia
      9:45 "Long-PD study" Katerina Markopoulou, Neurology, Northshore Healthcare System, Evanston, Illinois, USA
      10:30 Coffee break  
      11:00 "Courage-PD" Alexis Elbaz, Manu Sharma and Rejko Krüger
      12:00 Lunch  
      13:00 Datablitz 1 GEoPD  
      15:30 Coffee break  
      16:00 Datablitz 2 GEoPD  
      18:00 Optional lab tour  
      19:00 Steering committee dinner  
    • Campus Belval, Luxembourg

      8:30 Welcome by Rudi Balling, LCSB Director  
      9:00 Keynote by Michel Goedert, Head of the division of Neurobiology MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
      10:00 Coffee break with Poster session and industry exhibition  
      Session 1: Mitochondrial Dysfunction & Dynamics
      10:30 "Gene products of monogenic forms for Parkinson's disease and their links to mitochondrial and protein degradation pathways" Clinical: Nobutaka Hattori, Chairman, Juntendo University School of Medicine
      11:00 Translational: George Mellick, Chief Investigator, Griffith University  
      11:30 "Damage Control and Parkinson's Disease: Roles of the kinase PINK1 and the ubiquitin ligase Parkin in the autophagy of mitochondria in vitro and in vivo" Fundamental: Richard Youle, Senior Investigator, National Institutes of Health
      12:00 Young researcher  
      12:15 Lunch & poster session & industry exhibition and guided poster tour  
      Session 2: Connectivity and Excitability
      13:30 "DBS in PD: where do we stand and how may technical innovations help improving" Clinical: Jens Volkmann, Director and Chairman of the Department of Neurology, University Hospital of Würzburg
      14:00 Translational: Richard Wade-Martins, Principal Investigator, The Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre  
      14:30 "Bad brain waves in Parkinson's and new approaches to putting them right" Fundamental: Peter Brown, Director, Medical Research Council Brain Network Dynamics Unit, University of Oxford
      15:00 Young researcher  
      15:15 Coffee break  
      Session 3: Aggregation & degradation
      15:45 "Clinical phenotypes related to synuclein pathology in Parkinson´s disease" Clinical: Jan O. Aasly, Consultant Neurologist/Professor of Neurology, St. Olavs Hospital
      16:15 "PRX002, a Mab targeting alpha-synuclein for disease modification in Parkinson's disease: from preclinical models to first in humans" Translational: Markus Britschgi, Principal Scientist in Neuroscience Discovery, Roche - See more at: https://geopd.uni.lu/Program/7-October#sthash.FRwkHUlZ.dpuf
      16:45 "Alpha-synuclein synaptic dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease" Fundamental: Maria Grazia Spillantini, Professor of Molecular Neurology, University of Cambridge
      17:15 Young researcher  
      17:30 Wrap-up  
      18:30 Social event "A night at the furnace", Reception, dinner & cultural heritage  
    • Campus Belval, Luxembourg

      Session 4: Innovation & technological development
      8:30 Clinical: Bas Bloem, Medical director, Radboud University Medical Center "Towards precision medicine for Parkinson’s disease"
      9:00 Translational: Spyridon Papapetropoulos, Vice President, Global Development Head, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Teva Pharmaceuticals  
      9:30 "Contributions of Gene–Environment and Epigenetic studies to Parkinson’s Disease Etiology and Progression" Fundamental: Beate Ritz, Professor of Epidemiology, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
      10:00 Young researcher  
      10:15 Coffee break with Poster session  
      Session 5: Diagnostic video sessions
      10:45 "Dyskinesia in PD" Beomseok Jeon, Medical Director, National University Hospital
      11:15 Diagnostics video sessions
      • Jan Aasly
      • Nico Diederich
      • Rejko Krüger
      12:00 Lunch  
      Session 6: Multidisciplinary approach to PD care
      not to be provided in English
      13:00 Mariella Graziano  
      13:20 Sylvia Herbrink  
      13:40 Frank Hertel  
      14:00 Nico Diederich  
      14:20 Panel discussion with patient organisations  
      15:00 Wrap up and closing  
      12:00-16:00 PD Map workshop
      Parallel session

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