• Welcome!

    Whole day tour and dinner for all meeting attendants
  • GEoPD updates (Rejko Kruger)

    7:00 Registration/Put up posters
    8:00 Welcome Jim Maraganore/Leo Selker
    Progress reports of active GEO-PD studies
    8:30 Large-scale replication of GWAS of PD Manu Sharma
    09:30 Rare variants common disease study Matt Farrer
    10:30 Coffee break
    11:00 SNCA and outcomes Jim Maraganore
    12:00 Lunch (Downtown Evanston venues) Jan Aasly
    13:30 Data blitz presentations (10 minutes per GEO-PD site)
    15:30 Coffee break
    16:00 Conclusion of data blitz, questions and answers (group)
    19:00 Dinner (To be determined)
  • Alexis Elbaz

    8:00 Guided poster tour Eric Ahlskog
    10:00 Planning for the GEO-PD Consortium
    • New project proposals
    • Funding opportunities
    • Future meetings
    • Governance
    • Closing remarks/ take down posters
    12:00 Lunch meeting of the GEoPD Steering Committee
    14:00 Adjourn